At 72-Pixels we take a Full-Funnel marketing approach to inbound marketing by developing strategic campaigns at all phases of the marketing funnel. Build reach and brand at the top of the funnel, generate leads and convert sales in the middle, and retain customers and increase loyalty at the bottom.

Strengthen Brand Awareness and Audience reach

Your brand is more than a logo or mission statement—it’s defined by others’ perceptions of your organization. Standard brand activities at the top of the marketing funnel, like PR, blogging, content strategy and social engagement, shape that perception. Strong brand also trickles down to greater leads and conversions in the middle of the funnel.

Explore the activities and metrics that matter most when building your business’ brand.

Attract and Qualify New Sales Leads

Growing your organization’s audiences, and ultimately sales qualified leads (SQLs), is how marketing proves its impact. Activate campaigns around targeted content, events or calls to action to build lead volume, nurture and qualify leads, and help sales prioritize engagements. Continually build lead sources, volume and quality to ensure achieved sales goals deeper in the funnel.

Discover how to generate quality leads that impact the bottom line.

Turn Leads into Customers

Connect the dots from marketing activities to sales and bottom-line results. With insight into specific campaigns that lead to conversions, marketing is able to more accurately report ROI, allocate resources based on performance, and improve lead-to-sale conversion rate. Check out activities and metrics geared at turning leads into customers.

Build a more Loyal and Profitable Customer Base

Organizations must create consistently remarkable customer experiences across online and offline channels. Marketing campaigns that focus on increasing customer lifetime value, retention, referrals and overall brand loyalty drive long-term revenue and profitability.

Ensure your customers’ brand experience (and love) last a lifetime.

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